Our Company History
South Jersey Pretzel Inc., began as Ocean City Pretzel Co in 1972.  It took its first breath at 750 Boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ.  From there it has grown and gone through many changes.  The addition of manufacturing " Italian Water Ice" began in 1990, and the manufacturing of gourmet ice cream began in 1999.

Soft pretzels remains our main product.  They are made 7 days a week and are hand twisted and baked to perfection in our state of the art conveyor pretzel oven.  Please place orders for 50 or more soft pretzels 24 hours in advance to insure that your needs will be met.  At times we become extremely busy and by pre-ordering you will be guaranteed your order.

We also pride ourselves with our own unique style of Italian Water Ice which is available in cups of various sizes in our retail stores, and also for home or gatherings in 1/2 Gallon and 2 and 1/2 Gallon containers.  We also make Gelatis, layers of Italian Water Ice and Ice Cream, in the flavors of your choice.  We have been "Serving smiles for decades" and established since 1972.
  Customer Testimonials  
Cherie c.
Crescent City, CA

Fresh, hot soft pretzels made right before your eyes. Water ice. Soft serve.

The pretzels are some of my favorite. It's so cheap, too! I always forget what a cheap, delicious treat soft pretzels can be. I only wish they traveled well, or I'd bring some back home with me.

A small water ice is plenty for me and is less than $1.50. I always get chocolate, and it's always good. They stop serving soft serve in winter, so no gelati then. They have sugar-free options, so my mom can enjoy some with me.

It was FREEZING on my last visit, yet I sat in the car and ate my water ice happily. Then I had half of a warm, chewy pretzel with mustard. Life was perfect for a few minutes.

They must be a good employer, because the staff is the same year after year.

On my most recent visit, we discovered the most amazing bargain. A quart of He-man mustard is just $2.50! We pay $4 for two or three ounces of Ingle Hoffer mustard in our small town. Here you can get a Big Gulp-sized container of good mustard for just $2.50. You can bet that sucker got packed into my luggage. South Jersey, I hope you realize how good you've got it.


Tate P.
Collingswood, NJ

I go for the hot fresh soft pretzels and I try to limit myself to two. I will bring a bag to work in PHILADELPHIA and staff BEGS for them! Recently voted as best water ice in South Jersey in Philadelphia magazines annual Best of Philly. Frankly I wanted to write the mag a letter and tell them to try the pretzels...I am a water ice fan tried and true, but I just never really get the water ice....I am too mesmerized by the quality of the soft pretzels. If I drive by this place and they are open, I stop.
David A.
Philadelphia, PA

This place is not the greatest location but worth a trip. Cheap prices for great pretzels and water ice. The pretzel ovens are right behind the counter. They are 3/$1 everyday. A bargain for the quality. They also have pretzel braids.
Water ice flavor selection is huge and it is the real deal.


Gina F.
Ocean Grove, NJ


Beats even authentic "Philly" soft pretzels. They don't use preservatives or any junk in these, just plain old ingredients.
The homemade ice cream is worth the visit as well. They just started selling Nathan's hot dogs wrapped in a pretzel crust, which look great.
Everything about this family-run business is special, and worth supporting. Forget those chains, this is the real deal. The owner made his own machines for dough and has a special process for hand twisting and baking.
You won't regret visiting.


John M.
Philadelphia, PA

I can't speak for the pretzels, I recall having them once or twice and they don't really stand out in my mind. However, this is definitely one of South Jersey's hidden gems for water ice... forget Rita's, this place has the BEST water ice. They have a plethora of flavors, the consistency is smooth and not full of ice chunks, and it's not so sweet to the point of a diabetic coma. My favorite, a gelati with banana water ice and vanilla soft serve ice cream. It's AWESOME! This place is open year round, but with shortened hours in the off season. A great place to try lots of different flavors and concoctions, they have ice cream too!
  912A N. White Horse Pike
Stratford, NJ 08084

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Email: Info@SouthJerseyPretzel.com

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